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  Topic: Two spawn killers.

Replies: 1
Views: 73

PostForum: Problemas & Ayuda | Problems & Help   Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2019 5:07 pm   Subject: Two spawn killers.
Hey, i've recorded "Serbian_Mafia" and "Doak99" spawn-killing me yesterday, and by the way i don't really know if it was a spawn-kill or not.
I spawned and left the house and started walking around while they were 4 players waiting for me outside of my base, and i sadly couldn't record myself when i spawned because they drove to my base when i left the house, but the video will cleary prove it because "Serbian_Mafia" said 'let him leave a base' in the video:

  Topic: An armour hacker.

Replies: 0
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PostForum: Problemas & Ayuda | Problems & Help   Posted: Thu Jan 03, 2019 3:32 pm   Subject: An armour hacker.
Hey guys, i just logged in and met someone in-game which is "StuLenS" i saw a few people joining "/duel21" and StuLenS was one of them, i killed him a few times and then he decided to play "/duel10" with me and after a few minutes 2 players also joined with us and this is when he started to hack armour and when i asked him what he did exactly he like: 'This must be a kinda bug, it doesn't appear' and then i decided to record him and file a report on the forums.

Here is the the video:

  Topic: Reporting two players.

Replies: 1
Views: 81

PostForum: Problemas & Ayuda | Problems & Help   Posted: Thu Jan 03, 2019 12:15 am   Subject: Reporting two players.
Hey everyone, i'm still new to the server and registered two or three days ago, but i've been registered on the forums for over a month already and i had an old nickname in-game which was "Alibaus" or "Albaus" i don't really remember what it was exactly now. (Sorry if this isn't the right place to introduce myself.)

Well, lets start:
I'm here to report a regular player which is called "Arabien". He has spent over than 160 hours in-game and said that he knows the staff team well and that he doesn't really care about getting reported, and even said that i'm going to report him for no-reason and so on and telling me to 'shut up' all the time which wasn't really nice from a regular player like him. I'm not really taking it personaly, i'm reporting fairly because he is a suspect for me. Well, and before all these, when i registered with my nickname "[MOB]Messi" somehow everyone wanted to team up with me and calling me a 'pro' all the time and so on, and the thing is, i'm coming from a known server in samp so almost every newcomer to the server knows about it and knows that i'm the top player there. (Not advertising, just explaining) Well, and then after a few hours i've met "Arabien" that wanted to duel me in-game all the time even everytime i login, didn't really want to let him down and i always joined a duel when he told me to do so and after 1 or 2 days, his aim started to look suspecious for me, because it's almost impossible to give me that much hits with such a Hitregister system (Nothing personal) and even he started not to take hits whenever i tried to hit him with sawns. And then i couldn't handle it anymore, and asked him why he doesn't take any hits and his excuse was you know... 'my net slowwww' this was of course when recorded his gameplay in the server duels.

Well, lets start with the first rule that he broke:
The rule that broke was the advertising one, he was talking with me about another server and asking me on which server i play and my answer was of course: "I'm not allowed to tell you, /rules", and he like: "Not in /rules" like he doesn't even know the server rules:

I've gotten a proof/video of him using Lag.cs against me, by the way the video is meant to report both "Arabien" and "ahmedkingtub":
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