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daiL0N: Thanks for a great experience, vip is not waste of money like everybody says, its 100% worth it!, not vip anymore
sohaib: srxx how to e vip plsss
sohaib: xxandria thnx for the races
Miika_99: 504
[FCB]Srxx: You got it. When you find the house that you want, write here the id of the house.
Miika_99: when i get my vips i donated for it?
Miika_99: some admin
daiL0N: Oh okay, im not sure he uses aimbot, but i am sure he uses a kind of bug to shoot while he drives.
[FCB]Xxandria: daiL0N: U can report this user online ( /report id reason) or on web with the pics and proof
daiL0N: FabGangsta13 using aimbot and shooting while he is driving!
skrillex[tr]: Srxx when i in the game FabGangsta13 leave for avoid death and he did this 3 times.
[FCB]Srxx: Stop flooding here or will be banned in web too! Next time read server /rules "do not advertise other servers and web pages".
Ala007: sorry plz
Ala007: i jsut try new link
Ala007: srx i d'ont know about spam plz firgive me
[FCB]Nixy: Funciona
Ala007: Thx Srxx
Ala007: srx my tag not change can u check plz
[NfC]Obi.Wan.Kenobi: Saludooos
madman_98Jr: ok i have donated i would like vip team and the id of the house i want is 118 thanks
madman_98Jr: im going to donate when a admin is online btw im Sparkz Bro
daiL0N: The house i want is id 97, i wont write again
[FCB]Srxx: Dont spam the chat! Write all in one message.
Sparky: the id is 173 of the house i want thanks
Sparky: ok thanks i got the vip and i have found a house
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