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Ala007: any new id ?
bautista_conde: El servidor esta offline?
cufta: Saludos
mert0671: ?'m merle server banned pls help
osiel: Un saludo para todos mis amgios del server
dwightrenato: hola
Juanma_deenis: Me dice que es
[FCB]Srxx: Problems with host, for now play on the old server, I have updated the database and now it's the same as like other server.
[FCB]Tuko: Muy buenas a todos y un cordial saludo.
[BfK]Izzy: Server offline
Ala007: someone answer me ! any admins ? why server offline ?
[NfC]Fliipiitiip: Miren Foro en los temas recientes esta la ip del test server entren a ese en lo que se arrgla el otro
Ala007: server offline ??
2Pac155: a mi tambien, el server no funciona
eroski: A quien no le funciona el servidor?
2Pac155: Cuando abren el server??
OMAR_AKILES: Ya envié lo que yo hice por pm de facebook.
tahala: Where ican put a suggestion ?!
[FCB]Srxx: Si esta online, algo te pasa con el internet, preguntale a OMAR, a el le pasaba antes que a veces no ve el server online y seguro sabe como lo puedes arreglar.
[FCB]Marcos: hola a todos alguien me dice si el servidor esta online porque no puedo acceder o entrar a el saludos
44joaq: a
[FCB]Srxx: daiL0N continue to spam this chat and will give you ban on the web. And forum works always for eweryone who is registared.
[FCB]Srxx: Warning for what? is that against the rules? Nope, and i have said to you "if you dont give fack for ban, like you have said, don't crye on the web"... You said "I don't give a fack if Srxx see this" which mean your insults, so now gtfo from here and don't crye. I'm write "fack" because the real word can not bee shown here.
daiL0N: (Forum wont work for me so i just write here sry, but its important) Hello. Yeah i'm sry that i went gamer-rage on the FCB, but the guy named Jonnathans with some other numbers i cant remember did something that made me angry. He jumped off the cliff at duel1 when i was about to kill him. He said sry and i told him not to do it ever again, quess what he did, he did it twice, no, about 12 times when me or sparkz tried to kill him. He said Sry every time to anooy me and sparkz. I got mad and wrote some words i shouldnt have done, i'm sry. I'm not telling u to get me unbanned, i'm telling u to give Jonnathans a big warning for doing that thanks - daiL0N
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