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daiL0N: Srxx i have found a house, write to me when u see the message
Sparky: im going to Donate but im gonna do it when ur online Srxx
daiL0N: Dont make the same mistake as i did.. xD
daiL0N: But i misunderstood a EvL player, so that means im not really in EvL... i have to wait 14 days to change my name again
daiL0N: U have to ask Isa (The owner of EvL)
skrillex[tr]: how can i be in the clan(or EvL) ?
[FCB]Srxx: Search for the house that you want, when you have it just tell me the id of house and i will put it to you tomorrow.
daiL0N: Sorry dude, got abit confused...
[FCB]Srxx: What are you doing? What is that daiL0N1337? You have asked on forom to change name to [EvL]daiL0N and now you are using other names... Put the name [EvL]daiL0N and stop spamming here!
daiL0N: Dude please answer
daiL0N: ...
daiL0N: I think i just restarted my account
daiL0N: Omg, my score and stats!?!
daiL0N: Okay..
[FCB]Srxx: Your vip are activated, but join on the server with new name! You have ask for change, so change it.
daiL0N: I donated 5 euros can i get vip now?
Moskri: Yes diego?
diego1000: moskri?
skrillex[tr]: server offline :////
Moskri: No,server is offline,make sure like fcb page on facebook for informations.
Sparky: new ip?
[NfC]Ro_dr: Un saludo para todos
Moskri: There is guy with fake kill on server,i lost 10 000 $ and got kicked -.-
skrillex[tr]: srxx
[FCB]Srxx: Are you kidding me? What money when your account are changed! Join on server with [LEK]Sohaib not with sohaib, that account does not exist anymore!!!
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