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Ala007: sorry plz
Ala007: i jsut try new link
Ala007: srx i d'ont know about spam plz firgive me
[FCB]Nixy: Funciona
Ala007: Thx Srxx
Ala007: srx my tag not change can u check plz
[NfC]Obi.Wan.Kenobi: Saludooos
madman_98Jr: ok i have donated i would like vip team and the id of the house i want is 118 thanks
madman_98Jr: im going to donate when a admin is online btw im Sparkz Bro
daiL0N: The house i want is id 97, i wont write again
[FCB]Srxx: Dont spam the chat! Write all in one message.
Sparky: the id is 173 of the house i want thanks
Sparky: ok thanks i got the vip and i have found a house
Sparky: wait just to let you know my name is Sparkz.
Sparky: ok thank you very much
[FCB]Srxx: Just leave the server and enter it again and you will have Vip team. When you find the house any type you want, put here the id of house.
Sparky: wait nvm could you plae send give me my vip please Srxx
Sparky: wait wtf it said failed to donate :o?
Sparky: Srxx i have donated
daiL0N: Srxx i have found a house, write to me when u see the message
Sparky: im going to Donate but im gonna do it when ur online Srxx
daiL0N: Dont make the same mistake as i did.. xD
daiL0N: But i misunderstood a EvL player, so that means im not really in EvL... i have to wait 14 days to change my name again
daiL0N: U have to ask Isa (The owner of EvL)
skrillex[tr]: how can i be in the clan(or EvL) ?
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